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I first saw the Futuro house as a kid whilst visiting family in South Africa. Over the years I revisited it time and time again, dreaming of one day owning such a magnificently odd construction.


In April 2013 an unexpected chain of events led to myself and my wife Jane not quite believing that I was agreeing to buy that very Futuro house of my dreams.


However once the giddiness had worn off, reality set in. I'd just agreed to buy a fibreglass house. In South Africa, and we were supposed to be flying home to the UK the next day.


I didn't have a screwdriver to my name, any idea how to begin. And so began five frantic days and sleepless nights spent deconstructing the Futuro and working out how to get it back to the UK. Miraculously, the plan worked.









Then a two month wait, worrying whether it would survive the 12,000 mile journey by sea perched on the very top of a container ship whilst unexpected bills were racked up, complications endured and stresses working out where you store a spaceship.


Transported to Herefordshire, it was initially stored in pieces in a former World War II bomb factory, whilst the best way to approach restoring it was decided, and also finding somewhere to do it.









Relocated to a new workshop in late 2013, restoration began in earnest in January 2014. As the year went on, the pace quickened and more and more people became involved in the journey to restore the Futuro back to its former glory, to allow the world to enjoy it.


It was initially shown at Matt’s Gallery, in Mile End, London as part of the exhibition Revolver II, during October - December 2014. Nine months later in September 2015 it reappeared at Central Saint Martins, in Kings Cross, London.


Due to depart in Summer 2017 it’s next destination is at present unknown, however one thing is certain: the project and the restoration will continue to grow and evolve, so many more can come to appreciate what it means to dream of the future.

Click the Futuro above to see the workings of deconstructing and transporting the Futuro

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