A huge team of people have helped this dream become a reality, donating their time, energy, enthusiasm, advice and pure hard graft, mostly for the pure love of it.

JASON PRITCHARD, take a bow. Planning permission, drawings, helping build the house at 3am on a Saturday & much more.

ACME STUDIOS Jonathan for being game from the outset, and David, Jack, Chris & co for helping make it happen.

MATT'S GALLERY Robin Klassnik, Judith Carlton, and Matilda Strang for believing. May you continue to...

CHARLIE BENNETT A man not afraid to get stuck in, and who’s tireless work over four months helped make the Futuro possible

DAVE PRITCHARD The midfield general without whom the Futuro wouldn’t be where it is today. Aided by his amazing wife Ruth and ace son Andy.

TEAM RESTORATION Lots of people have helped, including Jay Morgan, Dominik Zurawski, Emily Fryer, Sam Brown, Carita Middleton, Piotr Linder and Lukaz.

GREAT BRAMPTON HOUSE Martin & Ioana Miller, Ian, Su, Mike Lambert, Zelah, and everyone else who’s paths I have crossed in my wonderful and surreal years working and staying there.

PLUM PICTURES Angie Cox, for stepping in when I needed a familiar face, but also Anya, Charlotte, Lizzie, Jamie and the rest.

FULL STOP PHOTOGRAPHY Jessie Simmons for making an amazing thing actually look amazing in photos. We couldn’t do it, you can!


For making the sound work to announce the Futuro is open for business, and for being good souls, ever supportive.

CHARLIE LEVINE For support & enthusiasm from the outset and invaluable advice on funding.

MARKO HOME & SAMI SUPPLY For an endless supply of Futuro knowledge and for taking me round Helsinki

HEREFORD GLASS FIBRE Dillon Muir for never ending advice, laughs, tools, materials and being on the end of a phone

MOMENTUM ENGINEERING Richard, Graham and Howard for going beyond the call of duty with what is hopefully not the last exciting project we work on together.

HMS ENGINEERING Hadrian, Jacque, Norm & co, for working it all out in chalk on the floor, then just making it. Amazing.

HEREFORD COACH & COMMERCIAL SPRAYERS Andy, Pauline, Marrik and the team there for taking on a big challenge and dealing with it.

FOLBIGG FABRICATIONS Steve, Phil & co for getting the Futuro off the container and stored away safely.

DMS PLASTICS Robin, Adam and Duncan for making the windows happen, and happen so well. We got there in the end.

7 UPHOLSTERY The lovely and charming Michael & Linda for making such futuristic upholstery. How dare people sit on it!

ARTS COUNCIL Without the supportive funding of which Centre for Remote Possibilities woudn't have happened. Special thanks to Kate Pryor-Williams

NICK MCQUIOD For being willing to make a mould of his door in exchange for me making a mould of my arm rest, and sending it from New Zealand!

CITY LIFTING Lee, Yvonne and team for getting it up there when the odds were against us.

BUTE FABRICS Fiona Hardie for being so supportive of the project and Bute for making such nice fabric.

MIKE BROOKES TRANSPORT Steve, for getting that it was possible and committing to it. Malcom for his calm nerve, and Phil for getting things sorted.

ROBERT GALE For patient videography whilst a Futuro never arrived, and then editing the results into something watchable.

TEAM BUILD A FUTURO Simon Grind, Asa Taulbut, Joff Hathaway, Dave Vigay (again) Jack Baker, Julian Nehammer, Sam Underwood (again), Tom Stanford.. and more… our minds are still scared by that day!

TEAM TEST BUILD Special mentions to Dave Vigay, Vik De Rijke, Guy Palliser. We didn’t get it right, but its important to get it wrong sometimes.

BETH HODGE For 11th hour Risk Assessment and Method Statement critical advice. It pays to be made to think about these things.

ERIC & HIS TEAM My first experience of good people getting stuck into a mad project.

HERMAN BREETZKE Without Herman the Futuro would have remained in Port Alfred for a lot longer.

NADINE BUTCHER, IBHAYI FREIGHT SERVICES For getting the Futuro out of South Africa in a very short amount of time.

ALI GAFFAR, DFS For getting the Futuro into the UK, with a lot of complications.

JANE BARNES For being the most amazingly patient and supportive lady without whom none of this would have happened at all.

THOSE WE HAVE FORGOTTEN Our minds are addled by what has gone on. If we have forgotten you, tell us, and we’ll make amends.