The Futuro is currently disassembled and in storage whilst we await a new set of destination coordinates. In the meantime, plans for further restoration are afoot, ideas for amazing things to do in it keep coming, and the aim is to find somewhere to make it a space people can stay in, not just visit.


Whether you're organisation or individual, commercial or institutional, and have either an idea or a destination, get in touch, we'd love to hear from you. All remote possibilities start with a chat.








Here's what its done so far:


At Matt's Gallery in 2014, over 30 different daily performances and events were curated.


Following that it spent two years at Central Saint Martins, used by the college for future gazing performances, talks, screenings and exhibitions, as well as sold out public tours hosted by Craig Barnes.


The summer of 2018 was spent overlooking the city of Le Havre, the Futuro's futuristic sci-fi interior filled with sound by Vincent Epplay, who took visitors on a sonic voyage of the mind.

Currently looking for land on which to house the Futuro long term.


Can you help? Please get in touch!